Student registration

Student registration


Within two to three minutes after registering, parent will receive an email with a user name and password, which the student must use to log into each lesson. 

  • Student may enter the course immediately 
  • Lesson completion dates and times are documented on-line and available for print upon request 


Please view the video below which will explain the tasks involved before you start your course.



Your registration information must be completed accurately. The Curb Buster Course #104 which you are registering for is approved by the Texas Departement of Public Safety (DPS) 

Upon completion of the first 3 lessons (6 hours) you can now take your learner's permit test online  (fee's are applicable)

You may also print the "classroom log and Enrollment Certificate" which you will need to provide to your local driver license office upon request.  You must wait 5 day after completion of lesson 3 before your certificate is available to be printed.( An expedited service is available for an additional fee.)

After completing the classroom and in-car training, you will need to schedule a driving exam at your local drivers license office. You will be asked to present the final certificate which you will receive approximatly 150 days from the date which your learners Permit was issued and both your classrom and in-car log.