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All drivers 18 years of age and under must meet the licensing requirements for a learner or provisional driver license, but they are also subject to additional requirements, including graduated driver licensing and driver education. 

Graduated Driver Licensing Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) is designed to provide new drivers of motor vehicles with driving experience and skills gradually over time in low-risk environments. GDL requirements include such requirements as time for holding a learner license before obtaining a provisional license, and restrictions on passengers and hours of driving for provisional license holders. Read more about the Texas GDL requirements.

Parent Taught Driver Education (PTDE) program is offered by Curb Buster for parents, and other family members, who wish to provide instruction to their teen driver(s). Can’t decide if you want to be the instructor? View the DPS checklist for the differences between parent taught and commercial/public school driver education programs.

NOTE: All driver licenses, other than a learner license, issued to persons under 18 years of age will be marked “Provisional”. The provisional license will be vertical and will be dated to expire on the applicant's 18th birthday or next birthday occurring after the date of issuance. No renewal notice will be sent as the applicant must present Verification of Enrollment and Attendance from their school for each renewal.